Ana Muhtarif Al Khat APK

Create Arabic calligraphy artwork that matches that of top calligraphers with Ana Muhtarif Al Khat.
Ana Muhtarif Al Khat has a number of unique features that allow the creation of infinite number of creative designs that you can share or export:
– A collection of Diwan’s most advanced Arabic fonts including
o Diwan Naskh Mishafi
o Diwan Thuluth
o Diwan Farsi
o Waseem (Ruqa’a like font)
– The ability to select from a number of shaping options for each word segment including alternative shapes and wide forms.
– The ability to freely position word segments to create complex compositions.
– The ability to add a range of decorative shapes that can be positioned freely to decorate the overall design.With the ability to export your designs as high-quality PDFs, you can create calligraphy based designs that can be used as templates for more complicated design work whether manually or using other software.

For more features, please watch the tutorial


With Ana Muhtarif Al Khat you can enjoy hours exploring different designs and challenging the limits of your creativity.

어떤 새로운 기능

1. Frequency of adverts reduced
2. Add exit button (in Tablets). In phones, the exit is in the menu
3. No more need for Internet to save as image of PDF

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