Brain Focus Productivity Timer APK

Brain Focus is a time-management application helping you getting things done! Based on technique like Pomodoro or 52/17, but you can adjust the session duration to fit your needs.

설치 및 사용 방법
• Start a work session
• At the end of the work session reward yourself with a break
• At the end of the break session restart both previous steps

Note: x amount of break you can reward youself with a longer break.

• Track your time by task
• Configure different settings per task
• Group task by categories

무료 기능
• Pause and resume sessions
• Disable WI-FI and Sound during work session
• Add time if needed to a work session
• Skip a break or the end of a session
• Notification before the end of the work session
• Multiple themes (Red, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, Grey)
• Support more than 30 languages
• Continuous Mode

Contribute to the development by buying the Pro Version
• Contribution to development
• 위젯
• Use more than 3 categories
• Export to CSV
• 광고를 제거하다
• 백업
• Android Wear


Well… I have to say this app really has increased my focus and intensity. I love that it generates statistics as well. I was feeling unfulfilled in my work and study so wanted to start tracking my work output. Brain Focus gives me the impetus to really extract every bit of juice out of the time I have and then gets the dopamine flowing when I look back at my efforts and growth. Very happy the app does all this for me – notepads and spreadsheets sometimes aren't quite as powerful as a well made app. Final point – I didn't like the red color theme and then found out I could change that easily in the settings! – Fred Lunjevich

어떤 새로운 기능

(Beta) Support for custom notification sounds.

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