Brightest Flashlight & Compass APK

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Brightest Flashlight & Compass-1 Brightest Flashlight & Compass-2

Top rated Flashlight in the Market.
Brightest and Safest Flashlight with SOS feature. You can send SOS signal in an emergency cases with click of a button. SOS signal also can be used to to allow others to find you easily. With extra features like the compass, you can find your way from anywhere.
주요 특징들:
* Privacy protected & Safest flashlight.
* Flashlight App that turns on instantly.
* Flashlight with Compass and Battery Meter.
* Safest Flashlight App in the Market.
* Minimum permission
* Simple and easy to use
* Built-in SOS signal button.
* No GPS tracking!

크기 : 761k
현재 버전 : 3.0
안드로이드 필요 : 2.2 이상
Offered By : Flashlight App Development Team


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