Drink Water Reminder – Water Diet Tracker & Alarm APK

Drink Water Reminder helps you get an appropriate intake of water every day. It’s a water tracker app that helps you develop good habits of water drinking! Proper hydration is essential. Use Drink Water Reminder to be wise about hydration. It keeps you fit and helps you lose weight.Key Feature of Drink Water Reminder
★Remind you to drink sufficient water to keep healthy;
★Track your drinking habits with detailed statistics in graphics;
★Calculator of daily water intake;
★Customized cup and standard (oz) or metric (ml) units.

Use Drink Water Reminder to keep yourself hydrated all the time!

Just enter your weight and Drink Water Reminder will tell you how much water your body needs and remind you to drink water. Just take orders. Never feel it a challenge to drink sufficient water. Drink Water Reminder is easy to use yet more than effective!

The Benefits of Drinking Water
★Stay in good shape and keep fit; water is calorie free!!!
★Keeps your body, skin and nails healthy.
★Helps prevent kidney stones.
★Keeps you hydrated after working out at gyms, swimming, yoga, playing football, etc.
★Combats stress and tiredness.

Sufficient water and balanced diet will help you stay fit. Start now! Don’t lose the chance to have a healthy life. Drink Water Reminder team wish you a good health!

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Shall you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact us through email: drinkwater_support@hifit.io

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English, Deutsch, Русский, Français, Português, ไทย, Español

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Samsung Galaxy S8 및 S8 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy A8 +, Samsung Galaxy S7 및 S7 Edge;
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HTC U11 +, HTC U11 Life, HTC Desire 10 Pro;
OnePlus5, OnePlus 5T;
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Google Pixel, Google Pixel2; LG S6.

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