Epic Security ( Clean Virus ) – Cleaner, Antivirus APK

Epic Security (Virus Cleaner, Super Junk Cleaner, Booster, Battery Saver, App Lock & Message Security) is a free and professional security application which could protect your privacy and keep your phone safe from virus or malicious apps.
Epic Security – Privacy protector, Virus Cleaner, Space Cleaner, Booster, Battery Saver – that makes your phone faster and safer.Epic Security’s Key Features:
Top Engine Antivirus & Deep File Scan — Powered by TOP Antivirus Lab
슈퍼 클리너 — Remove all useless files , including cache files , residual files etc.
Phone booster & CPU Cooler & Battery Saver
안전 브라우징 — Online Security protection
메시지 보안 — Prevent others from peeping your message notifications!
응용 로커 — Privacy protector
와이파이 보안 — Detect potential network spy
알림 클리너 — Block annoying notifications

Epic Security uses accessibility services. After accessibility permission is granted, stubborn system cache can be removed thoroughly and poor mobile battery can be saved.

Virus Cleaner & Deep File Scan – Antivirus
With the support of Top Antivirus engine — AVL , Epic Security could remove virus , malware and spyware in real-time to keep your phone safe 24/7!
Super Cleaner – All useless files can be detected and remove by one tap
Efficiently detect and remove useless files (app cache, residual files, ad junk, unused package) , Save you tons of storage!
Phone Booster , Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler
Detect all power consuming apps smartly , Hibernate them and even freeze them.
메시지 보안
Avoid privacy exposure by hiding your notification preview to others!
응용 로커
Protect sensitive information by locking your private apps such Message, etc.
알림 클리너 – 알림 및 메시지 제어 센터
Block all useless notifications, enjoy a quiet and faster phone.
무선 랜 보안
Detect WiFi Spy , Protect your online security!

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privacy policy: static.subcdn.com/policy/Epic-Security-private-policy.html

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Epic Security ( Clean Virus )– Cleaner, Antivirus
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