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Let this BMI and weight loss tracker be your assistant in a journey to your ideal body. FitSlip it’s easy to use and beautifully designed weight journal to record and keep track of your body mass and other measurements. It consists of many useful tools like: bmi calculator, statistics and also a home screen widget.
Set up your starting point and goal to be able to monitor your progress and control it. View your records, daily caloric intake that matches your goals and your current body mass index on one screen.
– Convenient progress indicator to keep you motivated. Monitor how far is to your goal.
– Weigh tracker provides the detailed statistics including your starting, average, minimum and maximum weights as well as body mass index and fat percentage.
– Home screen widget to keep your body at a glance and stay motivated.
– Chart showing your history with indicators of how far you are from your health or ideal weight.
– BMI calculator with visual indicator and with some key marks like: how many pounds (or kilos) you are overweight.
– Body fat percentage calculator shows your lean body mass and your body fat mass in pounds or kilograms.
– Tool for daily caloric intake will determine your BMR and calories consumption for a day to keep up with your goals.
– Notifications reminder to stay on track and don’t forget to log you measurements.
– Waist-to-Height ratio calculator

크기 : 5.8M
현재 버전 : 3.2
안드로이드 필요 : 4.0 이상
Offered By : despDev


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