Glasklart Go Apex Theme APK

Glasklart Go Apex 테마

Glasklart Go Apex Theme-1 Glasklart Go Apex Theme-2

This is a port of the Glasklart icons that originated on for Go Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW, & others.
This theme contains 550+ icons & counting! I take icon requests so please feel free to email me or leave a comment suggesting which app icons you’d like to see themed.
NOTE! Not all 550+ icons appear in the icons list. I did this to prevent lag when scrolling through the list. I try to manually choose the best icons to show up.
I’d recommend setting the icon size to Large if using Go Launcher.
This is NOT a standalone app, you need a launcher such as Go, Apex, Nova, etc that allow custom themes.
1. Install Go Launcher, Apex, or Nova (all free)
2. 이 테마를 설치
3. Find Glasklart in any of the launcher’s theme settings, then apply.


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