HD Camera – Best Cam with filters & panorama APK

HD filters Camera is a fully featured free Camera app, with Quick Snap And HD videos , and offers Photo Sphere, and other creative panorama photo mode.Easy to Shoot professional Camera Effects,Real-time Preview of the beautiful Photo and video filters Effects. 주요 특징들:
- HD 카메라 : Support for Quick Snap,HD Video Capture, Panorama
- Amazing Filter: There are more than 20 beautiful and funny filters
- 포토 갤러리 : Easy to view your HD photo and HD video
- Beautiful Scene: Sports, Night , Sunset , Party
- 화이트 밸런스 : Auto, Fluorescent , white, daylight, cloudy
- 사용하기 편한 : Setting Timer for auto shooting photo
- 초점 : Optical / digital zoom , tap to focus , focus halo display
- AF Mode: infinity , Macro
- 사진 해상도 : Support a variety of resolutions by your choice
- Accurate location: Record the shooting location information
- 노출: Adjusting the Exposure value for taking pictures
- Panorama: Shoot and produce a panoramic photo, taken immersive 360-degree panorama, panorama mode requires the use of a gyro sensor
- HD Video capture: Tap to take a photo when shooting video

다른 기능들
– Front and rear camera toggle
– Flash toggle
– Volume key to take photo
– Reference Line
– setting the path for shooting photo and video

HD Camera allow you to shoot excellent photo in a fast and simply way. Immediately download, Shoot beautiful lens it.
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Apache Licens: apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html

어떤 새로운 기능

Smaller apk
Optimizing operation
Fixed the gallery
Fixed the flash light for front camera
사용자 피드백 버그 수정

New Photo Gallery
Optimizing the photo editor
사용자 피드백 버그 수정

APK 다운로드

추가 정보

HD Camera – Best Cam with filters & panorama
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