Jet Locker (IOS 9, Parallax) APK

Jet Locker is the best lockscreen replacement. The first lockscreen with parallax 3D effect! It makes your screen smooth and beautiful just like silk. Jet locker is a lock screen that was developed based on the mix of classical “lock screen” on the older versions of Android, with the modern of android Lollipop, include control panel and notification system on lock screen, and Material design style. Jet Locker will bring you an experience that is both new and familiar, actually useful to you.새로운 기능?
제어 패널
Music Player Support
Lock Screen Flashlight
다국어 지원
Live Wallpaper daily update
Fluency notification
Pin passcode

★ Jet Locker is your lock screen, you can customize everything with your own style.
★ Automatically change your wallpaper daily
★ Music Player built in the control panel, Access to your favourite song with a single click.
★ Change the color of your screen text
★ Jet locker displays notification on lock screen, you can easy to view, or delete notification by swiping left or right.
★ Blur effect when you swipe left or right.
★ Attach your favorite app into the control panel.
★ Wallpaper: Easy to change, add or delete wallpaper. Automatically change wallpaper after a period of time

Secure Lock Screen:
★ Jet Locker built with incredible smart security locking, no one can access the phone, must get a password in order to access it. Even home or recent app button cannot close the lock screen.
★ Consume LESS memory and battery than other locker

If you have any issue with the app, please do email us & we will solve it as soon as possible.

어떤 새로운 기능

-Improve compatibility for OS Marshmallow
-버그 수정

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추가 정보

제트 로커 (IOS 9, 시차)
4.11 MB
설치하는 방법
500,000 + 다운로드
에 의해 개발
Jet Team

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