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Kaspersky Threat Scan

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Protect the data on your Android mobile phone with this FREE virus scanner app. Kaspersky Threat Scan protects private bank information, contacts, messages and photos.

. Data Protection
Prevent your private information and bank account information from being stolen
. App Detection
Identify if there are any apps that are exploiting your device to widespread vulnerabilities
. Test Vulnerabilities
Test your phone to see if it is protected from vulnerabilities in the latest software update from your phone
. Free Upgrade
Improve your Android virus and cyber protection by upgrading to Kaspersky Internet Security for Android
Visit free.kaspersky.com to learn more about other Kaspersky Lab mobile security applications!

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현재 버전 :
안드로이드 필요 : 2.1 이상
Offered By : Kaspersky Lab


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