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* 참고 this app may not be compatible with your device, we apologize for the let-down, we’re endeavoring to make Marco Polo work on all devices.
Please don’t give us 1 star if your device is 지원되지 않는, it will be supported, watch for updates !We have ads to fund improvements so we can support 장치 better 🙂

#1 Utility App in 54 개국! #1 Top App Overall in 21 개국! Featured on: Gizmodo, CNET, Popular Science, Business Insider, and more!

Ever lost your phone or tablet?

Whether it’s behind the couch, under your bed or hidden in a pile of dirty clothes, 마르코 폴로 will help you find it!

Simply shout MARCO! and your device will reply POLO!

• Set your own trigger word
• Customize response – speech / recording / MP3
• Works even if your device is on silent (optional)
• Works even if your device is sleeping (not on all devices)
• Set time range when app should listen to save battery
• Push notification alert
• Volume Boost just in case it’s set low
• Quickly pause and stop app from notification center
• Works on all android 4.0+ devices
• Lightweight

• Some devices may take up to 5 mins to respond the first time, we’re working with Google to fix this
• Some devices get false alarms – if so, use a longer trigger word like “MACARONI AND CHEESE” or adjust sensitivity
• Some devices filter out sounds from different angles, and may not work well far away
• Recognized accents, currently only US

*Don’t hesitate to 인링구아 밴쿠버로 직접 문의주세요. at

Go Find Marco does NOT require Wi-Fi or cellular data. All voice processing is done on your device and is never sent or stored anywhere – nothing leaves your device.

어떤 새로운 기능

Thanks for the huge support! We’ve rebuilt Marco Polo from the ground up and this time it’s better than ever thanks to your great suggestions – keep the feedback rolling and you may see it implemented in the next version too.

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