Azkar Pro: Muslim Dua, Morning & Evening Azkar APK

App Unique feature: Read & Show specific Dua & Azkar while using other apps.Main features:
– My Azkar, you can customize your own Azkar Dua, to appear on screen like others!
– Change color, Size, Rate , and add your own Zikir .
– Set alarm for every azkar to view in Chat heads mode.
– Add your own azkar or Dua for every azkar category.
– Exclusive Channels (made like telegram) only for Muslim Azkar Pro user’s!.
– All Athkar are from Hisnulmuslim book, with the most important categories that any muslim need (Morning Dua, Eveing Dua, Sleeping Dua, etc.)
– Read athkar’s in Chat heads mode. (morning and evening adhkar)Share with your friends in Whatsapp & Twitter so it will be as on-going charity for you (Sadaqa Jariyah), and remember: it might be shared thousand times after you! Keep sharing so we spread Allah remembrance on all Muslim phones around the world!

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Azkar Pro: Muslim Dua, Morning & Evening Azkar
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