My Shopping List APK

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Manage your shopping list as simple as possible!
A fast and efficient application, with a Material Design.Voice Recognition feature !

Best shopping app of the store in many countries.

Did you ever forget your list at home ? Now it’s over, because you never forget your phone.
Get rid of your post-it. Your list is now in your phone or tablet.
Add items with your voice thanks to a great recognition.
Manage as many lists as you want to prepare the week shopping, Saturday diner, garden supply, etc…

*** FREE ***

어떤 새로운 기능

V5.0 :
성능 개량
Drag to reorderV4.1:
List sharing !

V4.0 :
Multi list
재질 디자인
new localizations !

v3.7 :
Keep screen ok

v3.5 :
Leadbold integration

v3.4 :
Fix multiline description and hight qty

v3.3 :
Auto scroll to the last created item
Item list height fix
Google analytics integration

v3.2 :
Design improved
Admob integration

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내 쇼핑리스트
3.16 MB
요구 사항
안드로이드 4.0 최대
9월 7, 2016
설치하는 방법
100,000 + 다운로드
에 의해 개발
Abalone Concept

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