NEV Privacy – Files Cleaner, AppLock & Vault APK

Privacy protection app for your mobile! Hide Pictures, Hide Videos and Lock your apps with NEV Privacy. Keep safe your sensitive or personal photos & videos from your photo gallery and secures private data with app lock function.FILES CLEANER : Files Cleaner is a storage manager that helps you free up space on your phone and find files faster. Delete old photos and memes from chat apps and remove large, duplicate files.

PRIVACY STATUS : Scan your privacy status with a single tap. Know your potential privacy-leaking risk at any time and protect all your secrets.

PHONE BOOST : Speed up your Phone, Boost the speed of your Android device, free up memory (RAM).

주요 특징들 :
사진 숨기기 : 개인 사진을 안전한 공간에 보관하십시오.
– Hide your pictures easily from gallery, album or photos.
– Love your own private gallery to view your pictures.
– 시선을 사로 잡고 코가 많은 친구를 사적인 사진에서 멀리 떨어 뜨려 놓으십시오.

비디오 숨기기 : 개인 비디오를 안전한 공간에 보관하십시오.
– Hide your videos easily from gallery, album or photos.
– Enjoy your private video player, so that you can view your private videos in NEV Privacy.
– Keep snoopers away from private videos.

앱 잠금 : 앱을 잠 그려면 한 번 누릅니다.
– Lock your Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email or any other apps you choose.
– App Lock has PIN code or pattern security for locking/unlocking apps.
– Fingerprint lock password is supported on Android 6.0+ devices.
– App Lock has random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. Guarding your privacy is easier than ever
– Prevent friends from playing games and mess up with your data again!
– Android 4.0, 5.0 및 6.0에서 지원됩니다.

테마 : 응용 프로그램 테마 및 잠금 화면.
– 잠금 화면에 대한 잘 설계된 아름다운 테마.

아이콘 숨기기 : NEV 개인 정보 아이콘을 숨 깁니다.
– NEV Privacy can hide its app icon and keep your privacy absolutely safe. Import your private images and videos in NEV Privacy, and nobody knows the existence of it except you.

자주하는 질문 :
1. 숨겨진 파일이 온라인에 저장됩니까?
No. It is not, Your files are stored only on your device, so please make sure to restore all your hidden files before transferring to new device or factory reset.

2. 비밀번호를 잊어 버렸습니다. 재설정하는 방법은 무엇입니까?
최신 버전의 NEV Privacy로 먼저 업데이트 한 다음 엽니 다.
1. If you set Pin Lock Screen, then click the icon at the top right corner of lock page, tap the ‘forgot password’. By security email we will send your password to your email Id.
2. 패턴 잠금을 설정 한 경우 잠금 페이지의 오른쪽 상단에있는 아이콘을 클릭 한 다음 핀 잠금 화면으로 전환하고 바로 위의 1 번 지점에 설명 된 단계를 수행하십시오.

For more FAQ visit –

권한 공지
NEV Privacy may ask for permission to access the following features:
• Photos/Media/Files for Vault feature and customize your theme & wallpapers.
• Camera for Snap photo of intruder and to get pictures and videos for Vault feature.
• Storage Permission : This allows us to locally store some data when you are using the app for hiding your pics and videos.
• Contacts permission for accessing contacts and profiles on the User’s device, including the changing of entries. Your information will kept confidential.
• Phone permission for incoming call lock option.
• Identity for find accounts on the device.

이 앱은 장치 관리자 권한을 사용합니다.
To enable Advanced Protection, please activate NEV Privacy as “device administrator”. It is only used for preventing intruders uninstalling NEV Privacy. Please be assured that app will never use this permission to access your privacy data.

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어떤 새로운 기능

MAJOR UPDATE : A new experience with the whole new design and advanced features in this upgrade.
– Files Cleaner : Files Cleaner feature added.
– Privacy Status : Scan your privacy status with a single tap, scanner feature added.
– Phone Boost : Speed up your Phone, Booster feature added.
– New Solid color and classic themes feature added.
- 사소한 버그 수정.

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