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One stop solution to provide you the simple and powerful text editing on your Android device is Notepad – Text Editor. Having the advantage of font style selection, theme selection and font size makes your notes look just as you want. Notepad has been the easiest text editing app for Android as it can also fetch your files even from your memory card. With simplest and unique user interface design of the app, makes your text editing as your best mobile experience. With 1 million downloads Notepad – Text Editor App allows the users to edit and share the documents whenever and wherever you want. It is simple app to open, edit, delete, rename and save text files to and from the SD card.

주요 특징들:
– Compose the new text file and folder
– Easily to manage the supported text files to any folder of the device
– Supporting the users with edit mode option for any further correction in the document
– Easy option for file renaming
– Functionalities like cut, copy and paste the text in the doc just like Notepad
– Delete undesirable files and folders
– Easily to open email attachment file in the app
– Sharing the document as email with file attachment
– File support format like .txt, .html, .php, .xml and .css
– Opening the email attachment in the app very easily
– It supports 16 languages with easy language change option
– Compatible with both tablets and smartphones
– Download the app for FREE
– And much more!! Explore it today.

– Working like Notepad
– Simple Text Editor
– Advanced File Manager App

Your use of Notepad – Text Editor is free of charge in exchange for safely using
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