Pretty Binary Clock Widget APK

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Pretty Binary Clock Widget-1 Pretty Binary Clock Widget-2

I’ve been wandering through Play Store looking for a Binary Clock Widget that wasn’t made by programmers with total contempt for design, and guess what? I couldn’t find one, so I made one myself.

* Pretty,
* Pure Binary and BCD,
* 24-hours and AM/PM,
* Customizable colors and sizes,
* No wakelocks,
* Clicking opens system clock.
If you have any suggestions, you feel like you can create a better theme, or you’ve found a naughty bug just send me an @.

Concept & realization: Damian Mee (
Design: Mateusz Koziorowski (

크기 : 701k
현재 버전 : 1.3.25
안드로이드 필요 : 4.1 이상
Offered By : meeDamian


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