Qibla and Compass 3D APK

Qibla and Compass 3D APK

Qibla and Compass 3D-2 Qibla and Compass 3D-1

Most accurate 3d compass and qiblah locator based on tests through over 800 thousands user. It uses your last know position to calculate qibla direction. You may update your position by connecting to GPS or wifi. Alternatively you can also pick your current location from database. 3D Pusula holds more than 23.000 cities and towns in its memory.
Normal compass mode points geographic north.
Note: If you still getting compass error despite magnetically clear environment try calibrating your compass or updating your firmware. For more information about compass calibration :

크기 : 2.5M
현재 버전 : 2.5
안드로이드 필요 : 2.3 이상
Offered By : Alim Gokkaya


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