Quran Majeed APK

This App is with night mode design, FREE complete 30 Juz and you WILL NOT need to download the Surah first.Features :
– FREE Complete 30 Juz Quran Majeed with ustmani mushaf and Indonesia mushaf
– Night Mode design so you will comfortable in reading at night
– Audio with many Qori (must be download first)
– Small apk Size
– Bookmarks, Last Read, Search Ayat
– Full COLORED TAJWID Quran Majeed so your reading will be correct
– Arabic and Latin font can be resized
– Translation and Transliteration in many languages
– Share Ayat to social media
– Copy Ayat
– And many more

Read Quran every day, and your life and after life will be in peace, InsyaAllah.

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