Quran Recitation Mp3 APK

꾸란 암송 Mp3

Quran Recitation Mp3-1 Quran Recitation Mp3-2

Ultimate Quran Recitation app in mp3
contains 67 Qari’s including multiple reciters
Reciters includes
Abd Al-Rasheed Brown
Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed
Abdul Azeez Brown
압둘 바스 티
and 63 other Quran Reciters, Insha’Allah more will be add in future
App functions include
in built Media Player
can control Media Player through notification
download function available
if you listen to a certain Surah\chapter and in between if you exit the app,when you play the same surah its starts from where you left
Downloaded Surah can be played from app ,no need to depend on 3rd party media player

크기 : 1.8M
현재 버전 : 42
안드로이드 필요 : 4.0 이상
제공 : dawath apps


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