Screen Lock & Unlock Screen APK

You have trouble with your Lock/Unlock button? Pressing the button too many time may cause damage to it. As the result, your Lock/Unlock button is hard to press or even malfunctioned. With this app you can Lock/Unlock your phone without touching the button.This is the best app to lock screen with consume less resources and save battery power.

After installing this free app, your phone has become smarter with the following superior functions:

– Turn On Screen

+ Double tap to turn on screen
+ Shake to unlock device. Allow you to customize the shake strength
+ Set to open the phone by pressing the volume keys up or down

– Turn Off Screen

+ Screen off via notification with one touch. You can turn off screen in the Lock screen
+ Add shortcuts Screen Off Button on the screen
+ Widget and Shortcut to easy lock your phone
+ Or you can set to Unlock when you open the app
+ 사용하기 쉬운
+ Support Android 6.0+

- 노트
+ This app uses the Device Administrator permission
+ If you setting unlock with Fingerpint, Iris Scanner or Face Recognition. When you use this to lock, may be take a short time to your phone turn off
+ To uninstall app, open and click uninstall button

– Feel free to contact or give feedbacks at

어떤 새로운 기능

Now you can double tap to turn on screen
Screen off with one touch
Support unlock when you use Face ID, Fingerprint, Iris Scanner…

APK 다운로드

추가 정보

Screen Lock & Unlock Screen
6.47 MB
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500,000 + 다운로드
에 의해 개발
Slight Studio

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