Screen Recorder With Facecam And Audio, Screenshot APK

Welcome, you’re coming up to a video recording that will record while you’re playing games with face camera. You will get the high quality screen recorder at no cost. You can record games while you play, record screen and audio or record video calls.To start to record on screen, open a camera that can record your face and screen and use the floating bar on the home screen. The button that controls your recording will not show up when recording screen video. Also, you can set the countdown timer with the screen camera recorder.
It is simple and intuitive to do game recording screen and screen recording with sound at the same time. Especially with one touch, you can take screenshots quickly.

Interesting things of the application for video recorder and editor:

✔ 화면과 게임 플레이 및 얼굴 기록
✔ 페이스 캠이있는 스크린 레코더
✔ 비디오에 루트 기록 화면이 없음
✔ 원터치로 스크린 샷 캡처
✔ 페이스 캠이있는 게임 레코더
✔ Absolutely Free game recording apps

The main features of the recording screen app no root:

★ Screen Recorder and Editor
✔ 내부 오디오로 화면 녹화
✔ Customize the size of video and frame rate
✔ 레코더 스크린 레코더의 카운트 다운 타이머 설정
✔ 기록하는 동안 화면에 그리기
✔ 비디오를 세그먼트로 잘라
✔ 무제한의 시간에 휴대 전화에서 게임을 기록
✔ 비디오를 GIF 형식으로 변환
✔ 빠르고 느린 비디오에 효과 추가

★ Capture Screenshot & Video screen capture
✔ Take screenshot without button press
✔ Support photo editing tools

★ Gallery for Video & Photo
✔ Choose the resolution for the video
✔ 저장할 때 비디오 타이틀 사용자 정의

★ Share video through social networks

This application will be a game recorder HD app, a video call recording app, a screenshot app and a screen recorder with audio that captures all your lovely moments with your smartphone. Download the video recorder application and enjoy HD quality video.

If you have any questions for how to record your screen, please comment below and we will respond as quickly as possible. And do not forget to rate 5 * if you love our application for screen and voice recorder. Thank you!

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