Seconds – HIIT Interval Timer APK

Seconds is an advanced interval timer for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata and circuit training workouts. Although Seconds Interval Timer is primarily designed for interval training, it is also commonly used for music practice or as a presentation timer.

Seconds interval timer boasts the following features:

– Quick templates for Tabata, Circuit Training and HIIT timers.
– Create a completely custom interval timer.
– Speaks your interval names.
– Assign music to timers or intervals.
– Runs in the foreground or background.
– Large, clear, full width display.
– Horizontal and vertical orientations.
– Color coded intervals.
– Import and export interval training timer.
– Share your custom interval timer on

Try all the app features for free. To save, import and export your timers a one-time in-app purchase is required.

어떤 새로운 기능

– Enabled ordered playlists
– Added volume ducking when alerts sound.

– Fixed crash when changing intervals with certain music configurations.

– Added option for volume ducking in music settings.

APK 다운로드

추가 정보

초 – HIIT 간격 타이머
4.85 MB
설치하는 방법
500,000 + 다운로드
에 의해 개발

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