Silk Paints – Drawing, Doodle & Sketch with Brush APK

Silk Paints is a drawing application suitable for creative people with any level of drawing experience, for both children and professional artists. Draw something in Silk Paints and it will become a masterpiece, thanks to the magic brushes. In Silk Paints app not only the result is meaningful and beautiful, but also the process itself. So, the completed artwork will come to life and show you the entire process of its creation. Share live drawings with your friends and be inspired by the beautiful paintings of other authors in our draw community.Application functions:
– 4 sets of brushes: basic, neon, fire and ice
– Paint on canvas or photo
– 13 canvas for drawing
– An unlimited number of bright colors!
– Play the track – see the process of artwork creating with one or more brushes at once
– Share pictures with friends via Facebook, Google+
– Create your own live wallpaper
– Download artworks to your phone gallery
– The app works even without the Internet

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Our news:
* Choosing a brush has become easier, try it!
* We have now 3 free brushes, more resources for your creativity!
* Hooray, Silk Paints has a long-awaited eraser now!
* We now have a store where you can buy brushes. By the way, when you buy a full set of brushes – as a gift you get advertising-free access!

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Silk Paints – Drawing, Doodle & Sketch with Brush
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