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SL 테마 빛의 부재

SL Theme Absence of Light-1 SL Theme Absence of Light-2

This modern bold Smart Launcher Theme is designed specifically for use with bright background wallpapers. This theme also includes a matching Analog Clock Widget!

이 테마를 사용하려면 스마트 폰을 스마트 폰에 설치해야합니다.

To use it, first install, then in Smart Launcher hit App Drawer > Menu Button > Preferences > Theme > The Absence Of Light – Pack.

I recommend that users install the Stamped Dark Icon Pack if it doesn’t install automatically and enable it by doing the following: App Drawer>Menu Button>Theme Settings>Bubbles:icons theme

In Android 4.4, if your status and navigation bar do not show up well against a light background you can disable the transparency in Smart Launcher settings by clicking App Drawer>Menu Button>Preferences>Global Settings> Transparent Decorations.

Email me with any requests for a similar theme with a different color, bubble shape, or clock font. I am very responsive to user emails!

크기 : 389k
현재 버전 : 2.2
안드로이드 필요 : 2.0 이상


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