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SM Calculator is for basic purposes, but can handle more advanced calculations when you need it.
All you need to do is to make a swipe gesture from left edge to right.
From v3.0 ads are present on the main screen. If you don’t like them you can purchase a paid version or just stop using my app. Please respect my work and please don’t place 1 star rating just because of them.
SM Calculator supports following functions:
– 탄젠트 (tan)
– 사인 (sin)
– 코사인 (cos)
– arc sine (asin)
– arc cosine (acos)
– arc tangent (atan)
– hyperbolic sine (sinh)
– hyperbolic cosine (cosh)
– hyperbolic tangent (tanh)
– Euler’s number e raised to the power (exp)
– natural logarithm (ln)
– base 10 logarithm (log)
– square root
– cube root
– square power
– cube power
– 백분율
SM Calculator also has some extra features like:
– endless results and equations history
– ability to paste result or equation from history to current one
– ability to copy calculations into clipboard
– ability to set custom constants
Go ahead and try my calculator, I think it’s worth it. Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think, what would you change. Any suggestions are welcome and they will be considered.
If you find any bug please contact me immediately and I will do my best to fix it asap.

크기 : 2.3M
현재 버전 : 3.1
안드로이드 필요 : 4.0.3 이상
Offered By : Szymon Mazurczak


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