Smart Magnifier APK

Smart Magnifier is in the 5th set of the Smart Tools collection.

This app turns your device into a Magnifying Glass with camera zoom, auto-focus and LED flash.
When you want to magnify small things and texts, [Smart Magnifier] can be the solution. Try it now.

It is simple and easy tool to use. Here are main features.

– LED light
– 스크린 샷
– Screen freezing
– Camera zoom & Digital zoom (5x)
– Rotating camera view
– Auto-focusing (in order to activate, tap anywhere on the screen)

* 더 많은 도구를 원하십니까?
download [Smart Light Pro] and [Smart Tools] package.

자세한 내용은 YouTube를보고 블로그를 방문하십시오. 감사합니다.

어떤 새로운 기능

– v1.4.3a: Minor fix
– v1.4.2 : Galaxy S9 지원

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