Spaceship Hola 3D Theme APK

우주선 홀라 3D 테마

Spaceship Hola 3D Theme-1 Spaceship Hola 3D Theme-2

Spaceship Hola Launcher Theme
Blast off and into outer space with your Hola Launcher-powered Android device! As you navigate your “command” screens, it is up to you, brave commander, to keep those floating asteroids away!

노트 :
This is not a stand-alone app. It includes Hola 3D Technology and requires Hola Launcher version V1.8.1 and above to enjoy.

테마를 적용하는 방법 :
1. Search for “Hola Launcher”, download, and install.
2. Then install this theme.
3. Run Hola Laucher, and either…
a. Tap on Personalize > Theme > Local > Spaceship; or
b. Tap and hold the desktop to bring up Edit Mode, then tap > Theme > Spaceship.
Have fun exploring the last frontier!
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크기 : 3.4M
현재 버전 : 1.0.1
안드로이드 필요 : 2.3 이상
제공 : Holaverse


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