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휴대 전화가 느리거나 게 으르거나 공간이 부족합니까?
If so, Boost My Android is just the most trusted speed booster & Cleaner you need.
Boost My Android is a light all-in-one speed booster , junk cleaner & cpu cooler for your android phone . It can boost the speed of your phone by up to 60%, and safely clean junk files to increase available space in one tap.
Boost My Android (Speed Booster & Junk Cleaner) highlights:
Speed Booster – Phone Boost
고급 프로세스 모니터링 기술을 통해 스피드 부스터는 백그라운드 프로세스를 지능적으로 정리하고, 실행중인 앱을 중지하고, 루트가 아닌 장치에서도 은밀한 자동 시작 앱을 비활성화 할 수 있습니다. 메모리를 늘리고 장치 속도를 높이고 배터리를 더 절약하십시오.
Junk Cleaner – Memory Cleaner
With expert cleaning engine, junk cleaner can detect and clean junk files including cache files, residual files, temp files and obsolete apks to free up storage. Boosts speed and improve the performance of your phone.
CPU 쿨러
Analyze CPU usage and stop overheating apps to cool down CPU temperature with only 1 tap.
배터리 절약
Boost My android is also a excellent battery saver. After speed boost, it can stop unnecessary apps and effectively save battery by 20%.
사용하기 쉬운
Just one tap the boost button to speed up your phone and keep your phone clean and fast.
Boost My Android aims to be the best Android speed booster & junk cleaner app, your 5-star drives awesome work!

어떤 새로운 기능

1. Increase app stability;
2. 몇 가지 버그를 수정;

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