Super Image Search APK

super image search APK

Super Image Search-2 Super Image Search-1

“Super Image Search” is an app to search for images from multiple sites.
This app is made by Japanese developer.

Google 이미지 검색
플리커 (Flickr)
Hatena Fotolife

– Search for images from multiple sites in a single operation.
– Search by a picture.
– Find similar pictures.
– Find another size pictures.
– View and download images on website.
– Download images at once.
– View a slideshow of images acquired.
– Set the wallpaper to fit the screen.
1.You can view the next page (previous page) to swipe the image list.
2.The menu appears when you do long tap the image, you can set your wallpaper,and open the page.

크기 : 1.9M
현재 버전 : 1.6.17
안드로이드 필요 : 2.3 이상
Offered By : nyan


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