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You’re still looking for an app to easily record voice messages on your device? Look no further, come and try Super Voice Recorder!
Compared to other apps, Super Voice Recorder has the following advantages:
1. Easy to use, start recording on the press of a button. You can pause and continue the recording when you want. After finished recording, you can easily use the built-in player to play, pause, rename, send, share, etc.;
2. Clear sound recording, support for 7 recording quality rates so you can switch at any time according to your needs. Note: the higher the recording quality the bigger the audio file;
3. Uses the widely supported MP3 format to save audio files so that you can view, share, play on most devices without transcoding again;
4. Perfect background recording mode, very smart, so you can keep recording while doing something else, even if the screen is turned off;
5. Audio recording files are stored into “AllVoiceRecords” in your SD card root folder. In addition to using the built-in player, you can use your device’s file browser or a USB PC connection to view, copy or share the files in the directory.

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  • It’s too awesome…one of the best app i found for call recording…light mb..nd it’s Amazing..yarrr…
    Try nd get to knw its #osm features…friendss!!!

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