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Surah Al-Kahf, an easy to use application is being provided to you to get the blessings of Allah Almighty by reciting on your devices. This is a beautifully designed application with audio recitation of the Surah Al-Kahf. Surah Al-Kahf was revealed in Makkah and contains 110 Ayats.
• Verse by verse audio recitation of the whole Surah Al-Kahf with pause and stop options
• English translation as well as transliteration
• 텍스트의 색 구성표를 사용자 정의
• 세 가지 텍스트 크기 옵션, 보통, 크게, 매우 크게
• 페이스 북, 트위터 및 이메일을 통해 친구 및 친척들과 옵션 공유
귀중한 피드백과 좋은 평가로 우리를 지원하여 더 많은 양질의 이슬람 응용 프로그램을 제공 할 수 있습니다. 미리 감사드립니다.
설정 :
Tapping on the Settings icon on the main screen, opens up a page where you can set text color, font size, and background color.
부인 성명:
Tapping on the Disclaimer icon, shows the disclaimer information.
부인 성명:
This application is being provided to you to share and increase your Quran knowledge. We have developed this application through our best efforts collecting the best accurate data through the most authentic sources. However, human errors are possible. If you find any discrepancies or authenticity of the Surah, please report to us on

크기 : 24M
현재 버전 : 1.3
안드로이드 필요 : 2.3 이상
제공 : 꾸란 리딩


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