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TC App Booster is the most effective and secure Android app designed to help improve your device’s performance, free up memory, and give your social apps a welcome speed boost.
Just imagine – soon you could enjoy a jolt of speed on over 200 apps like Facebook©, WhatsApp©, Instagram©, and WeChat©. Here are TC App Booster’s top features:
Rocket Booster — Speed up your phone with just one tap. Each routine cleaning clears out daily junk and residual files from social apps to free up memory and reclaim storage.
Thorough Deep Cleaning —TC App Booster will thoroughly optimize your phone by locating duplicate data generated by social apps. It’ll then use tags to manage images and videos. Just one cleanup helps you reclaim up to 80% of memory so your social apps can run faster.
App lock — Use a key code to secure your data on social apps and protect your payment info against malicious behavior.
장점 :
Speed –TC App Booster manages and optimizes images, video and other data generated by social apps via tags. With this more efficient setup, you’ll quickly notice a welcome increase in speed.
Security –TC App Booster protects your social apps and all your data against vulnerabilities using the app’s unique encryption. In other words, we’ll help keep private stuff private.
Completely Ad Free – With no annoying ads or unwanted plug-ins, you can enjoy TC App Booster on your Android device without interruption. Nice.

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