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당신의 시간과 함께 더 많은 일을. 생산성 향상 일상 생활을 개선하십시오.

This is what you can achieve with TimeTune, your routine schedule planner.

Have you ever wondered how come some people seem to be able to do plenty of things in a single day while your time slips through your fingers?

답은 매우 건전하고 체계적인 시간 분포를 가지고 있다는 것입니다. 그들은 건강한 일과를 사용하고 매 순간마다 짜내고, 좋은 습관을 만들고, 일정대로 모든 일을 할 수 있도록합니다.

With TimeTune, your routine schedule planner, you can do the same.

이를 달성하는 데 도움이되는 몇 가지 기능은 다음과 같습니다.

★ 일상적인 시간 관리 및 시간을 소중히 여기는 모든 사람 (작업자, 학생, 부모, 프리랜서…)에게 적합한 시간 관리
★ Routines can be daily, weekly (the most common case), or use an odd number of days (for professions with unusual shifts), adding great flexibility to your routine schedule
★ Routine schedules work like a calendar but you don't need to enter calendar dates
★ Ability to design and send routine schedules for other people (useful for trainers, doctors or anyone who needs to craft routines and habits for others)
★ Creation of attractive custom tags to quickly identify the activities in your schedule at a glance
★ Full customization for each notification independently (vibrations, sound, personal message, popup window and even voice)
★ Routine statistics to analyze and improve your distribution of time, so you can increase your productivity, do everything in your schedule and detect time leaks
★ Reminders, Timers and Events will allow you to schedule activities that don't quite fit in a routine: one-time activities, activities without duration or tasks with an odd repetition cycle
★ Widget with a completely customizable look so that you can examine the activities in your schedule the way you prefer

You can use TimeTune as a daily task reminder, student calendar, timetable planner, routine schedule organizer, productivity habit tool, daily time manager or daily planner. And it can be more convenient than a calendar for routine tasks, as it doesn't clutter your calendar schedule. We want TimeTune to be a powerful productivity tool for you, so if you like it don't hesitate to tell us what you'd like to add.

Remember, don't be a slave of time, use the time to your advantage.
But most of all, enjoy every minute!

PRO VERSION (in-app purchase)

★ 루틴 프로그래머 : 특정 날짜에 루틴을 자동으로 활성화 및 비활성화
★ 캘린더 동기화 : TimeTune에서 Google 캘린더 일정보기
★ 프로 테마 : 블루, 그레이, 그린, 핑크 등
★ TimeTune은 현재 개발 중이며 더 많은 기능이 점진적으로 추가 될 예정입니다.


If you have any issues with the app, please check our troubleshooting section (timetune.center/troubleshooting/) or contact by email if you can't find an answer. Please don't leave a bad rating before asking for support. Thanks!

당신은 중요합니다

TimeTune is still young and for that reason your support is crucial. If you like it and think it has a great potential please give us a nice review, it really helps. But if you don't, please tell us what you would like to change, we really want to know in order to improve.

많은 감사합니다!

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어떤 새로운 기능

– Solved bug about notification sound not stopping.
– Android 8: adapted to background execution limits.
– Android 8: support for notification categories.
– Android 8: adaptive icon and shortcuts.
– Android 6+: do not disturb mode is properly honored.
– All versions: new option to turn default notification off in settings (Settings / Notifications / Default notification / Delete).
– All versions: support for OGG files in custom notification sounds.

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