Transboard- Keyboard Translate APK

Communicate now or speak any language you like with the Transboard keyboard. You can directly write and speak in all languages ​​within your application without having to use external translation applications that you can use in chat, chat, social networking and any application you want. Translation directly via the keyboard does not need To copy and paste or to use other applications the translation will appear in writing directly and can switch between languages ​​easily and all languages ​​are available as well as contains emoji emoji and Japanese Emoticons and smile and a clipboard with themes

Also Keyboard Professional Writing ornament from which you can ornament your writing different types of finishes and decoration .. directly using the keyboard without having to copy and paste the decoration will appear as you type directly and can switch easily between the motifs and writing English language parser with the ability to activate and deactivate the patterning and writing without it.

키보드 기능 :

★ Instant translation to any language you like while typing and speak it easily and with a click of a button.

– 12 가지 이상의 장식이 포함되어있어 타이핑하는 동안 쉽게 장식 할 수 있습니다.

– 영어 파서 작성 가능성.

★ Support for emoji and Japanese Emoticons, and three forms of emulators can be switched between.

★ Contains a clipboard to copy, cut, paste and save unlimited words.

★ contains different themes.

★ Ability to control the size of the buttons and the size of the characters on the buttons.

★ Control the sound of buttons and vibration.

★ Control the height of the keyboard in the horizontal and vertical position of the device.

★ Ability to change the background of the keyboard in a picture from the studio through the settings.

★ Ability to change the color of the keyboard characters through the settings.

★ Show suggestions for words to facilitate writing.

★ Full support for all languages.

★ Voice input feature.

Supported languages ​​in the Transboard:

– English (US)
– 영어 (QWERTY)
– 아르메니아어 (Հայերեն)
– Bulgarian (бллгарски език)
– Czech Republic (Čeština)
– Danish (DANSK)
– English Dvorak (the language "en_DV")
– English / British (en_GB)
– Finnish (Somi)
– French (French, AZERTY)
– German (Deutsche, QWERTZ)
– 그리스어 (ελληνικά)
– Hebrew (Hebrew)
– Hungarian (Hungarian)
– Italian (Italian)
– Lao (ສາ ລາວ ລາວ)
– Norwegian (Norsk Bokmal)
– 페르시아어 (فارسی)
- 포르투갈어
– Romanian (Romana)
– 러시아어 (Русский)
– Russian Phrase (Русский, RU-RPH)
– 세르비아어 (Српски)
– 슬로바키아어 (슬로베니아)
– Slovenian (Slovenščina) / Bosnia / Croatia / Latin Serbian
– Spanish (Spanish and Spanish Latinoamérica)
– 스웨덴어 (스벤 스카)
– Tamil (மழழழ்)
– Thai (ทย))
– Turkish (newspaper)
– Ukrainian (украннська мова)
– More in-app


If you have any problem or have any inquiry or would like to add some ideas to develop the application please email us at the following:

어떤 새로운 기능

버전 1.3.2

★ Fix the problem of duplicating copies in the clipboard.
★ Sporadic improvements.

버전 1.3
★ Adding shortcut feature You can activate it from the settings with a set of sentences and phrases ready as well as the possibility to add and manage an infinite number of your own shortcuts completely.
★ Add a button to close the clipboard.
★ Sporadic improvements.

버전 1.1

★ Add the decoration feature.

★ Add more than 15 decoration type.

★ bug fix.

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