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– A month's detailed weather condition in the future
– Real-time weather radar
– All locations in the world are supported
– All detailed weather information you need

Weather Forecast – Live Weather app & Weather Radar provides you accurate weather information from the national weather service, no matter where you are. Today weather, tomorrow weather, this week weather…You will see the Weather updated hourly.

What’s the forecast? What's the weather today? What's the weather tomorrow? What the US weather? Or local weather? Even or the national weather and the world weather? What 10 day forecast?… The weather forecast app can provide you a detailed weather forecast which is weather monthly, weather weekly, weather daily, weather hourly, wherever you are!

☀️ Local & National Weather
📍If you allow the weather forecast to get your location. You will get your real-time local weather and detailed weather information in 30 days automatically. Or you can edit your location manually.📍
You can also check national weather anytime.This means that you can see: US Weather, India Weather, New York Weather…You can easily get weather forecast information on the selected location.

☀️ Real-time Weather Radar
일기 예보 – Weather Radar는 도플러 레이더에서 현재 위치 주변에 애니메이션 날씨 레이더를 표시하는 빠르고 사용하기 쉬운 기상 레이더 앱입니다. 바람, 온도, 압력, 비, 구름 및 파도가 포함 된 최신 레이더 맵을 참조하십시오.
You can also see weather conditions for various locations at once, and trace the movement of cloud formations and active storms. Also you can check whether a thunderstorm or hurricane is coming.

☀️ Weather Widgets & Clock
Weather Forecast has the weather widgets can display the current temperature, time and date from current location to decorate your home screen, simple weather information, daily and hourly forecast. Update the weather condition. Much more widget formats & scale, you can choose it according to your preference.

☀️ Detailed Weather Update
In this weather forecast app, you can find the detail weather updated information, such as humidity, visibility, UV index, pressure, sunrise time, sunset time…

- 주요 특징 -
● The Real-Time Local Weather & Worldwide Weather
● Hourly / Daily / Weekly Weather Forecast: Minute-by-minute & hourly & 10 day’s weather forecasts.
● Weather Radar Maps: Fast-loading weather radar maps. Fullscreen mode with zoom.
● Weather Clock & Widget: Various weather clock widget with real-time weather, weather forecast, city, clock & calendar.
● Notifications View
● Weather Alerts: Inform you the real-time weather alerts and warnings.
● Precipitation Forecast ( Rainy Weather Forecast ) :Tell you to bring an umbrella with you before it rains.
● Sunrise / Sunset Time
● National Weather Service ( noaa )
● Moon phase

— How To Use the Weather channel? —
Weather Forecast is very easy to use. Please detecting your location by network or GPS. Then you can receive the weather forecast and weather radar.

— Customize Your weather channel —
● Local Conditions: Access to local weather conditions, weather report & weather radar
● Temperature Units:°F or °C
● Wind Units: m/s, mph, km/h
● Pressure Units: mbar, bar, psi, inHg, mmHg
● Weather Widgets

— Multiple Language Support —
Weather Forecast, 天气预报, 天氣氣象預報, Vejr, Wetter, Tiempo, Panahon, Météo, मौसम, Meteo, Tempo Metereologico, 天気予報, 날씨, Clima, thời tiết, Погода, прогноз погоды, Hava Durumu Tahmini, Vær, Pogoda, etc.

날씨가 어떤가요? 이 날씨 앱을 사용하면 최고의 일기 예보 앱이 알려줍니다! 무료로 일기 예보를 다운로드하고 경험하십시오.


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