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“Intelligently Designed Mobile E-mail” – TechCrunch”The Week’s Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps” – Gizmodo

“5 Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss” – Android Authority

“…helpful for keeping your inbox tidy” – CNET

“Best Email App For Android ALL TIME” – Android Critics

WeMail is a free email app that is designed from the ground up for the way you naturally communicate using your mobile phone. Automatically organize emails by sender, reducing your inbox size by more than 50%.

Experience the fastest and most advanced email search of any email client, 1 tap access to attachments, voice email capabilities, and more! WeMail works with Gmail을, 야후, 시야, AOL은IMAP. Note: Exchange support is coming soon.

★ All emails grouped by sender to free your inbox from clutter

★ Real-time contextual email search

★ Organizes email into a chat-like experience

★ Compose and reply to emails with voice messages

★ One-tap access to all documents and photos you’ve ever exchanged with others

Twitch Founder, Emmett Shear: “Once you tried organizing by sender, you can never go back!”

Reddit Founder, Steve Huffman: “WeMail is going to save my inbox!”

Flurry Founder, Sean Byrnes: “I love this app!”

어떤 새로운 기능

버전 2.3.1 :
– Fixed Google auth issues
– Removed inactive Bank of America logo assets and optimize performance
– Other crash and bug fixes

버전 2.3.0 :
– Enhanced email readability
- 사소한 버그 수정

버전 2.1.29 :
– Support adding custom IMAP accounts

버전 1.37.4 :
– Better support on sharing from mailTo

버전 1.34.15 :
– Added Alias support
– Fixed notification issue

버전 1.33.8 :
– Fixed email address validation issue
– Other crash and bug fixes

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추가 정보

WeMail – 무료 이메일 앱
19.15 MB
설치하는 방법
100,000 + 다운로드
에 의해 개발
Kale Interactive, Inc

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