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ZERO Communication (SMS) is the smallest, fastest, most private messaging appfor best SMS/MMS experience!
ZERO Communication (SMS) is smaller message products on the Google Play to replace your default SMS and MMS app. It supports dual SIM, private box and MMS Group messaging. Also support popup new messages and block spam messages. Messaging has never been so fast and secure! You can even set individual SMS ringtone for someone. It has matched close in 50 languages.
ZERO Communication (SMS) provides the best messaging experience in your mobile phone.
가장 작은
1.5M size – smaller than similar SMS products, smaller than smaller.
가장 빠른
0.5 seconds – Fast speed with 0.5 seconds to messaging.
Private box, protect your privacy anytime and anywhere.
듀얼 SIM
수퍼는 거의 8000 + 듀얼 SIM 장치를 지원합니다.
Harassment interception
Blocker smartly blocks blacklist/keywords and filter spam messages.

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현재 버전 : 1.11
안드로이드 필요 : 4.0 이상
제공 : Zero Team


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