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ZERO Dialer & Contacts is the smallest, fastest, safest app for best Dialer & Contacts experience!
ZERO Dialer & Contacts is smaller dialer products on the Google Play. Dialer & Contacts has never been fastest and safest! It supports fast dialer with T9, quick search for contacts, block spam calls, rich themes, and dual SIM. Also support 50+ languages, and so on.
ZERO Dialer & Contacts provides the best dialing and contacts experience in your mobile phone.
가장 작은
1.5M size – smaller than similar products, smaller than smaller.
Dialer with T9
Super fast dialer with T9 for most of the countries.
빠른 검색
Quick search to call and text contacts.
Protect from spam & unwanted calls.
듀얼 SIM
Supers support nearly 8000+ Dual SIM devices.
Free premium theme – all beautiful and cool themes free.
Dear friends, your feedback even criticism means much to us.
Those all make us better and we are quite appreciating your support.
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크기 : 1.3M
현재 버전 : 1.01
안드로이드 필요 : 4.0 이상
제공 : Zero Team


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